5 Photo Editing Tips to Get Outstanding Results

Although good gear goes a long way, you will always benefit from being good at editing your work. The Camera Works team has come up with a series of photo editing tips to help you achieve your goal of getting the best possible result.

Lighten or Darken your Photograph

A perfect tool to make your photographs a bit darker or lighter is the clone stamp set at about 15% of opacity. Make sure you resort to this editing tip only over spots of the image that don’t have too much detail.

It is a quicker alternative to frequency separation when you want to smooth out textures or the sky’s transitions.

Flat out your Photographs

This is something you should do to start your editing on the raw image since you want to make adjustments on the levels of exposure or colour temperature. Make sure you set it up so that neither highlights nor shadows stand out too much, as you will then have a cleaner image to go deeper into editing the contrasts on Photoshop.

Exchange B&W for Soft Light

If you want to do this, start with a black and white layer and proceed to set soft light on the blending mode. This is the perfect editing tip for photographers wanting to achieve a commercial look in their photographs.

Although this will enhance your image’s contrast a bit too much, you can always play with the opacity to take care of this obstacle.

Apply Frequency Separation

Frequency separation is a wonderful tool to use when you didn’t get the light falloff quite right and have too many unwanted textures showing up. What this does is smoothing out the surfaces in your images like skin or fabrics and even the sky.

Make sure you do not abuse this technique, or your photographs might look a bit unrealistic.

Get Creative with the Blending Modes

Every layer that you open will have a blending mode option that is adjustable, as you can do things like altering your curves layer to a luminosity one for an impact on contrast.

Another blending mode you should try when you have a blank layer is the colour one with the opacity no higher than 15%.

Anybody can apply these photo editing tips, but practice makes perfect. Expect having to get used to tweaking the many layers and blending modes, as well as the contrast levels and luminosity. Start practising today and you’ll soon be getting outstanding results.

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