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Our founder Sarah Dwyer-Gray is a weather forecaster who has a love for photography, that art of capturing images and creating the best memories for anybody looking at them. She made an effort to reach out to the rest of the staff, photography aficionados, and professionals alike, with the idea of putting together a digital magazine.

If we thought her knowledge was far from enough to launch a project like this, one conversation with her was enough to understand she knew exactly what she was doing. We have been working behind our screens ever since, putting together the best articles with all the useful tips and general information we have to share.

What is this Magazine all About?

Our whole team’s focus is aimed at uploading articles that will help other photographers, as we want to create a community that embraces high-quality photography.

This magazine is all about making it easier for people all around the world to improve their skills for capturing images that stand the test of time and capture it in one go.

On Camera Works, you will find articles to help you with a wide range of topics, ranging from resources and tips to brand recommendations and reviews.

We always make an effort to keep every article friendly and approachable by people with all degrees of skill and experience, as this broadens our reader base.

If you are in love with photography as much as we are, you should take a few minutes of your day to go through Camera Works. Give your skills a boost or a leg up to your beginnings by using the tips and recommendations we share.

Each week we upload new content that is sure to keep our readers happy and continue making progress.

You can read our magazine during your lunch break, after a long day in bed, or maybe to start your day with Camera Works and a hot cup of coffee.