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The 5 Ways Technology Advancements have Changed Photography

If you are a young photographer you probably have only a small idea of how much technology advancements have changed photography. Our team will take you on a trip through memory lane, as we will show you just how much photography has changed since the days when it was all done on film.

Out with Film. In with 1s and 0s

The first big change technology advancements have made in photography lies in the digitalization of it. Long gone are the days where photographers had to buy film to capture images, as it has all been replaced with 1s and 0s, the binary system.

A much helpful change to avoid investing too much money on wasted film from bad photographs.

Ridiculous Storage Capacity

Old-time photographers used to take up a lot of space with the physical photographs and negatives they had, as it would often require much experimenting to get it perfect.

With digital technology, this issue was solved since the storage capacity can be pretty much endless and adjustable. SD cards for cameras, phones, and even the cloud make this a reality.

To Print or Not to Print. No Longer an Issue

Photographers used to have to develop most of their film since this was the best way for them to find out whether the photographs were what they wanted. With digital technology, the matter of printing a photograph or not has stopped being an issue.

Additionally, with the thriving of digital pictures, photographers can share their work without ever printing it.

Lose all the Extra Baggage

Professional photographers needed to carry around lot of gear, as this was what it took to take the perfect photographs. Digital editing options have made it so even the cameras themselves are smaller and all the additional lenses and lighting gadgets are hardly needed anymore.

Dark Room Turns to Small Portable Printer

Dark rooms used to be a necessity for every serious photographer, as this was the only place that they could develop their film and tinker with the chemicals to add some effects.

Although they occupy a bit of room, small portable photo printers have made dark rooms a thing of the past. This is without even mentioning the larger and more specific printers.

Technology advancements have had an important impact on everything around us, be it photography or even casinos with the rise of sites like River belle NZ. If you are feeling rather lucky to be a photographer nowadays when everything is easier, then we encourage you to keep striving for excellence in all your photographs and appreciate this art.

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