Top Resources for Photographers

Top Resources for Photographers - Top Resources for Photographers

If you are a loyal reader of Camera Works and wish to include more outstanding sites on your reading list, these are the sites you can check out. They have everything you need and what you thought you didn’t since the teams working behind all of them are made up of experienced professionals.

Cambridge in Colour

Although you might be a professional, you will benefit from the many tutorials and tools they offer. If you are only starting in photography, this site encourages a learning community to be formed through their lively online forum.

The thousands of members of Cambridge in Colour do their best to answer any kind of question asked in their forum.

Digital Camera World

Given that most photography done nowadays is digital, this site focuses on providing aid in finding the gear that contributes to getting the best results. If you are looking for thorough guides on what to buy and reviews that are unbiased, this is the site to hit.

Once you have bought that amazing photography gear, you can learn how to use it with them.


If you want to find a site that gives you the latest photography-related news and puts out great tutorials, this just might be the right fit. It is also very community-oriented, as its goal is to educate and even inspire new photographers.

They host competitions like Photo of the Day and have plenty of groups that work online to exchange feedback on photographs.

Photography Life

For those that want another site similar to ours, with reviews, news, and articles, Photography Life is an excellent resource. If you are thinking of starting your own photography business, you will find plenty of useful tips on this site.

Additionally, they have a wide range of guides for beginners and more advanced photographers.

We highly recommend these sites as valuable resources for every type of photographer out there, as they have useful information for people with varying skill levels. Make sure to add them to your reading list, since together with Camera Works, they will help you become increasingly better at your photography efforts.